Choreo Camp Ticket Sale

Choreo Camp Ticket Sale

Jan. 29 - Feb. 02. 2025, Seattle WA
- registration open soon -

What is the Choreo Camp all about?

At CHOREO CAMP you’ll have the opportunity to learn original choreography from some of the worlds top choreographers.

Challenge yourself with both partnered & Solo Movement classes, train your body and mind to be prepared for peak performance. 

There’s a reason the best  dancers all have routine titles in their biographies.

Learn how to use this tool to take your dancing to the next level!

PARTNERED + MOVEMENT: Push your partnering skills, speed, precision, musicality and lines

SOLO + MOVEMENT: work on body control, dynamics, improve proprioception and memorization skills

EXPERIENCE THE SPOTLIGHT: PERFORMANCE + LAB Put your knowledge to work; perform alongside your peers and instructors each day to learn how to display volume, tone and texture to embody the characteristics of music, and the opportunity to be professionally recorded for your social media feed. 


Jan 29. – Feb 02. 2025, Seattle WA

Choreography is the best way to build your partnering skills. As such, we are requiring attendees to have a partner for the Partnered + Movement sections of the weekend. We will not be rotating. When registering for your weekend pass please indicate your partner’s name. Each partner must be a Full Weekend Pass holder.

Tickets are transferable.

Registration for Choreo Camp is opening soon. 



Level Recommendations and Descriptions

Group I : Intro to Choreography

Recommended for Newcomer-Novice WSDC level

Are you a newer WCS dancer, and/or first-time Choreo Camper? While you have experience in social West Coast Swing, and may even compete in Jack & Jills, this Group is designed to be an introduction to the realm of West Coast Swing choreography.

Group I is recommended for dancers who are new to choreography, and who have a strong foundation of WCS basics and some variations.

To make this level accessible to first-time campers, you will receive one (1) piece of Partnered choreography, that you will get to learn and practice throughout the weekend, with the option to perform it in front of your fellow campers on Sunday night, and one piece of solo choreography to perform Saturday night.


Group II : Experienced dancer/Prior Choreography Experience

Recommended for Intermediate-Advanced WSDC level

Group II is the place to be if you have attended previous Choreo Camps, if you have other WCS routine experience such as Rising Star or Pro-Am routines, or if you have choreography experience in other dance forms. If you are a WSDC competitor we recommend that you be at the Intermediate level or higher.

In Group II you will learn three (3) pieces of partnered choreography, along with a solo class, with the opportunity to perform each night.

Group III: Pre professional

Recommended for All Star – Champion WSDC level, or Advanced + with extensive choreography experience

Group III is for you if you are an experienced Choreo Camp veteran, or if you are an aspiring professional-level WCS dancer who is looking for the ultimate challenge! We recommend All Star Level points for our pre-professional level.

In Group III you will learn three (3) pieces of partnered choreography, along with a solo class, with the opportunity to perform each night.

Not sure which Group is for you? Talk with your WCS coach or group class instructor, or reach out to the Choreo Camp staff and we’ll do our best to assist you!


Nicole & Thibault

Sean & Alyssa



Dance Underground 

340 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States



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